bubble level
one-inch bubbles cut from bubble wrap, wood

A site-specific installation for Light Windows 2021.

One-inch bubbles lined up along wooden dowels wedged at eye level in the back window (inside) and door (outside) of my apartment.

Six excised air channels
found air pillow packaging

Temporary installation in Little Italy, NYC, for the International Day of Light and the exhibition Light Windows.

Five one-and-a-half-inch round @ 2020-05-09T16:17:28-04:00
One one-and-a-half-inch round @ 2020-05-09T19:26:06-04:00
Five one-and-a-half-inch round @ 2020-05-09T15:18:08.112-04:00
One one-and-a-half-inch round @ 2020-05-09T15:07:00.259-04:00

Six two-inch square @ 2020-05-09 14:47:01.925
Six two-inch square @ 2020-05-09T14:46:50.676-04:00

Five one-and-a-half-inch round @ 2020-05-09T18:39:51-04:00
Two one-and-a-half-inch round overlapped @ 2020-05-01T17:26:23.463-04:00